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UTF-8 Encoding Error

I try to encoder some text from localcharset to utf-8.
I use to libiconv to convert it.
The result is ok!
But Ice for CSharp don't accept it!
Follow is Content:
E8 BE 93 E5 85 A5 E9 94 99 E8 AF AF 2C E5 AE A2
E6 9C 8D 30 32 35 38 34 37 32 37 32 32 33 2E E7
89 B9 E5 88 AB E6 8E A8 E8 8D 90 E5 8F 91 43 46
E5 88 B0 31 39 31 39 E6 9C 88 E5 BA A6 E8 AF 9D
E8 B4 B9 E6 9F A5 0D 0A E8 AF A2 2C E5 8F 91 48
46 E5 88 B0 31 39 31 39 E5 B9 B4 E5 BA A6 E8 AF
9D E8 B4 B9 E6 9F A5 E8 AF A2 2C E5 8F 91 4D 52
48 4C E5 88 B0 31 39 31 39 E6 AF 8F E6 97 A5 E9
BB 84 E5 8E 86 2C


  • marc
    marc Florida
    Before we can help you, please update your user profile (Name, Organization, Project).

    Also, you should provide the bug report so that we can reproduce the problem without having to enter hex codes.
  • bernard
    bernard Jupiter, FL
    The best would be to attach a little test program that shows the problem (maybe you can just modify one of the Ice demos).

    Also, if you want to check that your C++ std::string is properly encoded using UTF-8 (before sending it through Ice), you can use IceUtil::isLegalUTF8Sequence (included through Ice/IceUtil.h, declared in IceUtil/Unicode.h).