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More than one IceGridAdmin: often gets confused

When I'm testing things on multiple machines, I often start multiple instances of the IceGrid admin GUI so that I can start/stop whatever I need from anywhere. Fairly often, I find that one of the instances gets confused -- generally, it shows nodes or servers as running when they aren't, or vice versa. This can usually be fixed by logging out and then back in through the GUI.

Is this something that should work?

NB: This is with Ice 3.1.2; I can try with 3.2 and see if it's different if necessary




  • bernard
    bernard Jupiter, FL
    Hi Mary Ellen,

    There was a number of bug fixes in 3.2.0, so yes, I recommend to upgrade.

    Also with 3.2.0, please run your IceGrid Admin in a console with:
    java -ea -jar C:\Ice-3.2.0\bin\IceGridGUI.jar --IceGridAdmin.Trace.Observers

    If you ever see an inconsistency, this should give some clue on where the problem is.