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question for icebox


Now i use ice3.2.b in windowxp.After i have compiled the demo for icebox,and run icebox using the command line option:icebox --Ice.Config=config.icebox,but it shows the error message "04/23/07 20:27:39.823 error: service caught unhandled std::exception:bad allocation".What's wrong ?I don't know why???

Could you give me some help?


  • bernard
    bernard Jupiter, FL

    On Windows, there are two versions of the icebox exes: iceboxd.exe, for loading services built in debug (/MDd) mode, and icebox.exe, for loading services built in release (/MD) mode.

    It's likely that you are using 'icebox' when you should be using 'iceboxd' (see the icebox demo README).

    Also, please upgrade to the Ice 3.2.0 release. There is no reason to keep using the Ice 3.2b beta release.

    Best regards,
  • benoit
    benoit Rennes, France

    Did you build the demo with the debug or release configuration? If you built the demo with the debug configuration you should use iceboxd.exe instead of icebox.exe to run the IceBox service.

  • I have got it!

    I have got it!Thank you very much!

    Best reguards!