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slice2cpp -IDIR works, --include-dir DIR doesn't

--include-dir doesn't seem to work the way I would expect from the --help output (and from a quick read of slice2cpp/Main.cpp, I can't really tell what it's trying to do):
: tmp; cat slice/
module Test {
    interface Base { };
: tmp; cat slice/
#include <>
module Test {
    interface Derived extends Base { };
: tmp; slice2cpp -Islice slice/
: tmp; slice2cpp --include-dir slice slice/
slice/ No include path in which to find
slice/ `Base' is not defined
: tmp;

(": tmp; " is my prompt, in case that confuses.)



  • The two options are different:
    -IDIR                Put DIR in the include file search path.
    --include-dir DIR    Use DIR as the header include directory.

    The first specifies that DIR should be added to the search path for Slice files. The second instructs slice2cpp to generate code for which the C++ header files can be found in DIR.
  • Originally posted by marc
    The two options are different:


    Thanks for the clue.

  • I was trying to make slice2cpp put the generated .h file in a directory I want to specify. Isn't there an option for that, like --output-dir for the sources? I mean, my project is like this: header files come in include/ and source files come in src/. If I use --output-dir src, then both the header file and the source file come there. I don't want that. Maybe fixable? :confused:

    For the rest, I'm greatly enjoying Ice :D
  • marc
    marc Florida
    At present you can only provide the output directory for both the header and source files together. However, using Makefiles or VC++ project post-build steps, it's quite easy to add commands that move the generated files to any directory you wish. For examples, have a look at the various Makefiles and project files that are included in the Ice source distribution.
  • Yes indeed, after the slice2cpp command I have a mv command in my Makefile... I just thought if there'd be a cleaner way for this :) Thanks anyway.