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Running IceServer( Python) as a Windows Service

kamrankamran Member Kamran BumbiaOrganization: Continental AilinesProject: None
HI Guys
I have written a python ICE Server that i want to run as a windows service.
I treid to use the python-win32 apli to do that but on the start of the service it gives me the following error

File "D:\Continental\aci\acifeeds\Source\python\aci_servers\pnr_ticket_db_pull_server.py", line 244, in SvcDoRun
app.main(sys.argv, ".\config\servers.config")
File "C:\Ice-3.1.1\python\Ice.py", line 501, in main
signal.signal(signal.SIGINT, Application.signalHandler), exceptions.ValueError, signal only works in main thread.

i was trying to do this in the SvcDoRun() but that does not work since SvcDoRun is not the main thread

Does Anyone have any suggestions as to How i can run a python ICE Server as a Windows Service?

I would appreciate your help ?
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