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interface version issue

assume I am using the same version of Ice,
What whould happen if I changed interface definition. for example:

interface version of first development iteration:

interface myI {
int myOP(string s);

then, after some time, a lot of clients had deployed.
new requirement coming, and interface changed to:

interface myI {
int myOP(string s, int i);

I had upgraded my server application, but what about my clients?
upgrade them at the same time, it's a nightmare?

Can anyone tell me a relative simple method for this issue? thank you very much.


  • matthew
    matthew NL, Canada
    If you cannot upgrade all clients at once you cannot make such a change. See "Can a Leopard Change its Spots?" in issue 8 of the Ice Newsletter. There is also info in the Ice manual on versioning. After reading this documentation if things are still not clear please ask more specific questions.