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sequences syntax


I'm playing with ICE for the first time today. Looks good so far. It's not often one downloads a package that comes with an entire book ;-)

I'm curious about the design decision behind the fact that I can't do something like this:

struct Seat
int row;
int col;

struct SeatingPlan
sequence<Seat> seats;

I know I can say

sequence<Seat> SeatSequence;

and then declare the member using SeatSequence. It's a little awkward however when you need to use several sequences of different types, but only once each.



  • We do not allow anonymous types, as such types are a major source of pain for certain language mappings. I still remember how complicated the anonymous types were in CORBA IDL before they were abolished. (And even today, CORBA must still deal with them, to keep backwards compatibility with older IDL versions...)