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transaction support in ICE

I think it would be great if ICE support transaction (I mean database transaction, two phase commit like setcomplete() / setabort() feature in DCOM /COM+, or Java transaction). It make converting COM+ applications to ICE applications a lot easier. I've been using DCOM/ COM+, EJB, corba and I think ICE have several advantage such as speed, security, firewall friendly, scalability, etc over them. But the only feature that I think is missing is transaction support. Or, Is it intentionally designed that way (db transaction must be handled by programmer) to provide flexibility ?.


  • matthew
    matthew NL, Canada
    We have always intended to add support for a transaction service (proper two-phase commit support), however, its never reached the top of our priority list. If you want to bump it to the top of the list and are willing to sponsor such a feature please contact us at