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Ice 3.2.1 is now in Fedora 7 updates-testing

mefostermefoster Member Mary Ellen FosterOrganization: Heriot-Watt University, EdinburghProject: ECHOES learning environment ✭✭✭
Packages of Ice 3.2.1 -- based on the official RHEL5 RPMS, but modified to meet Fedora packaging guidelines in various ways -- are now included in the updates-testing repository for Fedora 7. Here are the main user-visible differences between these packages and the RHEL5 ones:
  • ice-c++-devel is now called ice-devel
  • ice-dotnet is now called ice-csharp
  • The icegrid* daemons are now in a separate package called ice-servers
  • Ice.jar is now in /usr/share/java
  • The IceGrid GUI administrative tool is not yet included, as it depends on two Java libraries that aren't yet in Fedora. I'm going to submit those two libraries soon, and once they're in I'll enable the GUI.
  • (Probably there are other differences, but I think they're more minor)

If anyone wants to try these packages out, here's how. If you already have the ZeroC packages installed, this should work:
yum --enablerepo=updates-testing update ice\*
Or, if you don't have any Ice RPMs at the moment, you should do this (including any subpackages you need):
yum --enablerepo=updates-testing install ice ice-devel ...

If there are no problems, these packages should make it into the main updates repository in a week or so.

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