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ICE as a SOA infrastructure?

Are there any examples where ICE is used B2B in a competing "internet"?

It would be very helpful to put ICE in the context of a published service interface for internet applications. This will help me put it in perspective for a suggested performance oriented architecture application domain. If this is way out of scope for ICE, than I can accept that too. I would still recommend it for internal performance architecture anyway.


  • I think I answered the question by using the Search feature of the ZeroC site.

    In which Michi mentioned WS-Ice Bridge that was discontinued, and basically the underlining details in philosophy etc...
  • matthew
    matthew NL, Canada
    I'm not sure I really understand what you want to do. Most descriptions I see of SOA are little more than philosophical hand-waving putting well known architectural solutions in a complex and confusing way. IMO, it is little more than re-inventing the light-bulb, trying to light a new fire on an old concept. Could you be a little more concrete on what you want to do, and then we in turn can tell you whether Ice is suitable.
  • Elaborating a bit.

    In my app environment I would like to make ICE a high performance environment where a lot of interfaces are generated through XML tooling.

    ICE would just be another Data Transfer Object mechanism. For this I imagine I would have to build a XML binding to ICE. This "effort" would be considered a cost save in that several layers of XML Transformation can round trip the activity. Significant client side patterns drive the ability of clients not to have to regenerate based on IDL/SLICE concerns. Because they are clients who view change as expensive. Logistically this is similar to receiving an automated update.

    So I suppose the question digging deeper down was "Does such an XML based mechanism exists"? Because its existence would mean the ability to provide a transformation stack to/from it.

    I got the impression from Searching the Forum's that such activities are out of scope, so I think my question is answered, but may be it isn't?
  • One can design and build anything with an interface oriented design using ICE. But sometimes you want to see more out of the box. I just don't know what the future holds for out of the box applications written in ICE. i.e. ICEForge?

    I get perception in several postings that there is some rejection of XML technologies as a mechanism to improve process. I have conversations daily about not using XML technologies to drive large transactional systems. Still as a Meta layer I find it makes things much much much better. A two decades ago I used to write a "Steering File" with the Inversion of Control pattern in C. Its structure was very concise but eventually could look like macro assembly for complex things.

    I personally see XML instances as Meta layers anyway, that will stay in a good place far out of the way of performance concerns.

    In the past months I experimented a bit with .NET.IIOP to JAVA and ICE is certainly attractive as a holistic view of distributed computing.
    Still in light of big pushes towards XML and Web based collaborations like this Forum application I am using now. Bridging such technologies seems to be a good choice.