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[freeze] one connection with multiple maps?

fansonfanson Member Haiyang ZhouOrganization: wuhan universityProject: postgresql and ICE integration ✭✭
In my program, i use only one connection.and multiple maps are opened with this connection, using no transaction explictly.

map a&b are opened in connection c;
just read operation on a&b in one thread,and read operation in another thread;
what's the behavior of the program?

what if read and write operation in one thread,and read operation in another thread...

will one thread block another ?

and i want to know if a transaction block all the maps opened in this transaction? and what's the scope of a lock...a connection? a map? or a transaction?( an interator is implemented using BDB cursors and locks on corresponding data files)

can i use multiple connections in one thread?
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