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1 Java Server and 2 Java Clients


i habe 2 Java-Clients and a Java-Server. i want to setup the Communication between the Clients through the Server.

client 1 send the method "test" to the server that call the method "test" on the client 2. the return of the method test on the client 2 will be send to the server, that send this return to the client 1. Analog send the client 2 a method to the client 1.

has anyone an example to do something like this.



  • xdm
    xdm La Coruña, Spain
    Hi maalej

    For being correct, when a program make an invocation is a Client, when a program proccess incoming request is a Server.

    Seems to me what you call Server is a Router, that routes invocations from one client to a server.

    Your "clients" must be Ice (Client/Server) applications
    And your "Server" can be a Ice::Blobject that routes invocations to the apropiate target server and returns the response to the client.

    Hope this help