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strange behavior for ordered replica groups

I have a replica group containing 2 servers. This replica group is set to ordered, and 1 of the server has the priority 0, the other one having the priority 1.

Now, I tried to connect with 2 different clients to the replicated servers at the same time. I would like them both to connect to the first server having the priority 0. But after many time I tried, the behavior seems to be random. Some time both connect to the server priority 0, sometime each client connect to a different server, and sometime, they even both connect to the server having priority 1.

It is strange because I followed the instruction in the documentation + example, and I have set my proxy for the client as following: Ice::ObjectPrx proxy = m_ic->stringToProxy("toto");
proxy = proxy->ice_endpointSelection(Ice::Ordered);

How can I ensure that both client will always connect to the server having priority 0? I only want them to connect to server 1 in case the server 0 is crashed.


  • benoit
    benoit Rennes, France
    Hi Vivien,

    Could you post the XML descriptor showing the configuration of the replica group?

    The only reason I can think of for this behavior is if the locator returns endpoints for multiple replicas (i.e.: you have set "n-replicas" to a value > 1 in the replica group configuration) and you already have a connection to the replica with the priority 1 established in your client. If you have set n-replicas to a value > 1, can you try setting it to 1?

    Also, you could enable locator tracing in your client (with Ice.Trace.Location=2) and the registry (with IceGrid.Registry.Trace.Locator=2) to see if this gives you some clues.

  • Thanks for the fast answer. And as always you spotted the right thing :)
    "n-replicas" was set to 2 in the replica group configuration.

    I have set it to 1 and retried everything. Now everything works perfectly!