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Corrupted heap on AMD64 with g++ pre 4.2.3 -O2

When Ice for C++ is compiled with optimizations enabled on AMD64 we get a core dump when trying to run icegridnode even on a completely empty database environment. I'm using Debian g++ 4.2.2-3 (4.2.3 prerelease 20071014).

Is this a known problem? I'm not sure to blame the compiler given the reasonably good results on the g++/libstdc++ testsuite.

Attached you will find a stack trace:


  • xdm
    xdm La Coruña, Spain
    Hi Francisco.
    I compiled Ice-3.2.1 with optimizations enabled on AMD64 gcc-4.1.2 and works fine on my gentoo box.
  • Debian stable/testing branch distributes 4.1.x as the default compiler and Ice works fine on AMD64 with -O6. But this fact doesn't fix the bug and does not reveal whether the bug is in the compiler or Ice.
    I'll try to track this down next week. I'd just like to know whether this was a known issue or a platform-specific issue.
    Best regards,