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program stop respond ,and there are many CLOSE_WAIT states I can see

Hi All:
I have 3 programs say A,B and C .they all are based on ICE .
The basic work flow is A call B for some command ,B call C for verification and return Ok to A if verify OK.
After about 2 hours running,the program B do not respond any command comes from A. I use netstat command to show the connections of B,and found a lot of CLOSE_WAIT state between B and C.
The 3 programs do not use socket lib except ICE. so maybe there are some misuse of ICE,but I can't find out .
I am wondering is there any one who encounter this issue before.And Please give me a hand on this .
Thank you very much!

BTW:ICE version 3.10
Compile Enviroment: VC6


  • benoit
    benoit Rennes, France

    Hangs are often caused by deadlocks so I recommend verifying the stack traces of your 3 programs to see where they hangs.

    Note that we only provide free support on the forums for Ice 3.2.1 so if you need further assistance with this matter I recommend upgrading to the latest and greatest ;)

  • Hi Benoit:
    Thank you for you reply.
    I checked my program and found the deadlock!

    Thank you very much