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Ice-E reconnection latency

here is the problem:
i use demo "hello" with little change to do the test
Ice as server, run in winxp sp2
Ice-E as the client, run in pocket pc whoes os is windows mobile 5

the client keep sending heartbeat request to the server, just send some context,
then we plugged off the network wire, the connection closed, this is normal,
but after plugged on the network wire, we have to wait like 20 seconds for the client(mobile) to reconnect to the server (either auto reconnection or manual reconnection), while server can be quickly connected to the client.

we don't have this problem when the client is Ice and run in winxp.

do you know why?

our Ice-E version is 1.2.0 and Ice version is 3.0.1



  • matthew
    matthew NL, Canada
    Its not clear from your description what the client is actually doing. You are pulling the plug from the server, and then pinging the server from the client? When you say it takes 20 seconds for the client to reconnect what are you actually doing?
  • sorry for the poor description...

    i think the connecting(just checkedCast) latency is not because of network rebuild,
    yesterday i have another test, it takes the client several seconds to connect (just checkedCast, one line) to the server the first time , is it normal?

    maybe it's the mobile device we use which makes the connecting very slow.
  • marc
    marc Florida
    Ice doesn't do anything special when it connects, i.e., it uses the regular TCP/IP connection mechanism. If the connection is slow, then it's most likely a network or configuration issue. You should enable tracing with Ice.Trace.Network=3 to find out more.
  • we've changed another device, it's quicker now~