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PowerPC and DENX


I am new user of Ice.

Can any one tell me if it is possible to cross compile to this environment ?

What must I change to do this ?

Hardware: PowerPC AMCC 405EP
Flash : 16 MB
RAM: 32 MB
OS : Linux DENX

Thanks for your help.


  • bernard
    bernard Jupiter, FL
    Hi Dinesh,

    We currently do not support this platform. So far, the Ice for C++ build system works only on the target host (no cross-compiling).

    I suspect it would make sense to try first Ice-E on your embedded system. The Ice-E build system supports cross-compilation to Linux Gumstix/ARM; maybe we can adapt the build system/build instructions to work on Linux / PPC? Please refer to INSTALL.LINUX in the Ice-E source distribution.

    Best regards,
  • Hi folks,

    I successfully cross-compiled IceE-1.3.0 for our PowerPC target platform (MPC5200) using the DENX development kit. It almost worked out of the box and needed only one adjustment to the source base. The Time::now() function implementation needs to be told that our target platform does not have monotonic clock support.

    To get this right out of the box change the conditional compilation to something like
    #if defined(_WIN32)
       // on windows
       // on platform having the monotonic clock
       // on platform without monotonic clock

    With that settled, you simply follow the installation instructions for Gumstix Linux, set the appropriate cross-tools
    $ export CXX=ppc-linux-c++
    $ export AR=ppc-linux-ar

    and build it. Have fun!