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Java INSTALL file should specify dependent JAR versions

I'm recompiling the Java 3.2.1 build with some patches and the IceJ-3.2.1-javaN/INSTALL file doesn't specify which versions of the dependent Forms, Looks and Proguard JARs have been tested and are declared reliable by ZeroC.

I'm guessing that the most current version of Forms and Looks are fine since they only differ by the minor version number. However, Proguard recently released a major new version, so it's not clear which version of Proguard can be used to compile Ice.



  • Thanks for pointing this out. We'll address this in future releases.

    In the meantime, you can download an archive of the third party tools and libraries that we used for a particular release. ProGuard is not included in the archive as it is more of a compiler/build environment tool. If it is of interest, the most recent version used and tested for a release was 3.8.
  • Thanks, that'll be good to have in the INSTALL file and I forgot you
    have that third party tarball.