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icecs.dll and Mono

kwaclaw Oshawa, Canada
I guess this is a question for Michi:

Is the Windows Sockets API in .NET 2.0 still buggy, so that you need
to P/Invoke into the native Win32 API?

I am planning an application I would like to deploy on Windows or Mono
without needing to control the deployment process, that is, I may not know
if it is downloaded onto a Windows or Linux machine.

This might work if icecs.dll would not require a Mono-specific build.



  • We are using p-invoke for a few sockets APIs because .NET 2.0 version is either missing or buggy. You can have a look at Network.cs (which I think contains most of these calls). I don't know what the situation is with .NET 3.0--I haven't tried yet. But, seeing that the native calls are guaranteed to work regardless of the .NET version, I'm not in a hurry to rip them out :-)