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about cache in freeze

is there any explicit "set_cachesize" call in freeze source?

dose ICE do something about cache in freeze?

is there anything i can do to set the cache in Freeze?

what should i do if i want to use the cache subsystem of berkeley db?



  • benoit
    benoit Rennes, France

    I don't believe there's any Freeze call to set the cache size programatically (our Freeze specialist will correct me if I'm wrong :)).

    However, you should be able to set this configuration property by adding a "DB_CONFIG" file in your database environment directory. See the BerkeleyDB documentation for more information on this configuration file.

    If you're using IceGrid and have specified the database environment with a <dbenv> element, you can also set this property with the <dbproperty> element. See the IceGrid documentation for more information.

  • i wrote "set_cachesize 0 65536 1" in my DB_CONFIG file in my db directory.(my db files are in /opt/var/node/)

    and now i want to use db_stat utility, then what i should do to set the value of DB_HOME?

    when i set DB_HOME=/opt/var/node/ :
    $db_stat -m
    db_stat: DB_ENV->open: No such file or directory