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may I detected the status of a special client

I implement a servant with ice, but now, I meet a question, if one of this servant 's client shutdown without telling the servant, the servant would to keep the useless info of this client, so the question is, how can I detect the client is alive by such as "heartbeat" or "ping" ??


  • I've got the similar question.

    In .NET remoting, a temporary object (proxy) that is returned by a method at server-side, is controlled by the lifetime service. And it could be deleted by GC when its lifetime has expired, or be renewed if necessary.

    In Ice, I just use current.adapter->addWithUUID(new objectI) to obtain a proxy object, and return it in a method at server-side. And must the lifetime service be implemented myself? I wonder if there's a better way.
  • I agree that having some form of specialized distributed garbage collection ("DGC") in Ice would be a good addition. I say "specialized", because there are no generic solutions to this problem (mostly because there is no known DGC solution that can scale).

    We'll discuss this internally and get back to you. But don't expect this to be too soon, we also need some vacation now over the holidays ;)
  • Good news. I'm looking forward to it.
    Thanks very much and have a nice vacation:-)