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Introducing ZeroC Labs, Ice for Silverlight, and Connections #27

Today we are announcing ZeroC Labs, where we run our experiments and share the results with you—without interfering with our main product lines. If you are looking for bleeding edge technology, then ZeroC Labs is the place to look.

The first ZeroC Labs project is Ice for Silverlight, which integrates Ice with Microsoft's Silverlight platform to build interactive Web applications using type-safe remote calls and an efficient over-the-wire protocol. You can find more information about Ice for Silverlight in this month's issue of Connections.

Last but not least, Issue #27 of Connections is now available for download:

  • Editorial: From the Laboratory
  • Implementation and Interface: The ControlServer Part 2
  • Every Cloud has a Silver Lining
For more information about Connections, please see: