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C# binding, when?

It has been mentioned at couple of places on this forum that there's in making / consideration a C# binding for ICE. Could anybody from ZeroC please tell when can a release for the binding be expected, and which platforms (MS.NET, Mono.NET, DotGNU/Portable.NET) will it target?

As in my case, I intend to do an academic project on Distributed Messaging where the server will use programs written in Linux/C++/ICE and C#/ICE on the Windows/Linux desktops. Knowing the release schedule for the C# binding will enable me to chalk out my plans.

In my opinion, putting up a new page on the ZeroC website (containing ICE roadmap, status of the stuff under development / testing etc) would be very helpful to keep ICE users from guessing about it. :-) Please give it a thought.



  • I expect we'll have a C# implementation by February, at least of the Ice core. It will run with Visual C# .NET and Mono.

    The services will take a bit longer.