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Timers with Ice


Is there any kind of timer or alarm class on Ice?

Thank you


  • matthew
    matthew NL, Canada
    No, we don't have any support built it at present. However, we are considering adding support for this in the next version of Ice.
  • Ups,this will be very useful.
    Well,I have a transactional application for an asynchonous environment (with AMI and AMD),with one client and four server,when the client generates a transaction it's transmitted one by one until the last server that sends the response by the callback ice_response.
    Now, I'm trying to create a new thread which is created into the client to send the calls into an infinite loop,I have followed the documentation but although I send the call and reach the last server ,I don't have any response, can you tell me what can be wrong??,
    In the beginning I thought to create a timer but as there is no timers in Ice, I want to do something similar with threads on my own...

    Thank you!!
  • matthew
    matthew NL, Canada
    From what you've written its very difficult to determine what you are doing wrong. These problems can be a little tricky to debug :) The obvious answer, however, is that you never send the reply at all (ie: you don't call the AMD reply method in one of the servers). Another possibility is that you do call this method, and the reply is not received because all the threads in the server could be locked doing some other processing.

    What you should determine is exactly what is occurring in the chain of calls. You can enable protocol tracing in the Ice core to get some detailed information about what network calls your clients & servers are making. See the Ice manual for details.