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IcePack on Win32

Hello ZeroC people.

I know that your pretty busy with a lot of stuff ... considering your releasing a new version but I would like to know the possibility of IcePack being available for Win32 by February 2004.

I'm not pressuring you guys to prioritize this. Its just I have to submit my 2004 general project plan and IcePack being available by February will make some stuff easier for me. ;)

Of course its Ok if it isn't. I'm just asking so I can plan for a strategy to work around it until it becomes available. No biggie! :D

Almost forgot ... another one is the IcePatch documentation. Would really help if we get our hands on the documentation for this one. Again, I'll patiently wait for it until it becomes available.

Still, great product and a lot of potential.

Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year to all of you.

God bless.



  • mes
    mes California
    Thanks Alex.

    IcePack will be supported on Windows in the next release, which I expect will be available before Feb 2004.

    - Mark