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How to extend ICE log information?

There are two applications which communicate over ice endpoint. Under some obscure circumstances connection is dropped and i found the following ice log:

connection exception: TcpTransceiver.cpp:217: Ice::ConnectionLostException: connection lost: recv() returned zero local address = remote address =

Application works with hundreds of connection except created by ICE. I have a suspicion that endpoint's socket was closed by main application.

Is the any way to get know what socket descriptor was closed for the case above?


  • benoit
    benoit Rennes, France

    There's no way to retrieve the file descriptor associated with the socket of an Ice connection. It's not totally clear to me what your problem is, are you suspecting that your application directly closed the socket associated with the Ice connection?

  • Correct. It's possible that due to logic error an application directly closes socket that was assigned to the connection.

    And problem is that during a short amout of time (couple of seconds) can be opened and closed tens of socket descriptors in the several thread. So such info would be very useful in my case.