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glacier2 timeout managing


I fond a problem in the timeout managing of Glacier2:

when i register an session for a client and this go down without call any destroy and i make a new session with the same id , the Glacier2 don't update the timeout counter an destroy my object ( I try to call keepAlive , ice_ping but glacier destroy my object without a can do nothing )

what i can do?



  • benoit
    benoit Rennes, France

    The easiest is to use UUIDs for the session identity to avoid this kind of problems ;).

    If you really want to re-use identities for sessions, your session manager implementation will have to explicitly destroy the previous Glacier2 session when it re-creates the session for the client. You can do this by calling destroy() on the Glacier2::SessionControlPrx object provided by Glacier2 to your session manager when the session is created (see the Ice manual for more information).