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RHEL 4 to RHEL 5 Problem

acbellacbell Member Andrew BellOrganization: Iowa State UniversityProject: National Resources Inventory ✭✭

I have an application that works fine with RHEL 4, but object adapter ports don't get opened when the same application is run on RHEL 5. The 3.0.1 ICE libraries were built on RHEL4 and sit on a network drive. Do I need to build ICE on RHEL 5 to get it to work on that platform? Are you aware of any issues with RHEL 5 that were addressed in versions of ICE after 3.0.1?



  • bernardbernard Jupiter, FLAdministrators, ZeroC Staff Bernard NormierOrganization: ZeroC, Inc.Project: Ice ZeroC Staff
    Hi Andrew,

    In general, we support our binary distributions only on the associated OS, e.g. you should run the Ice RHEL4 binary distribution only on a RHEL4 system.

    I recommend to upgrade to the latest version of Ice, and to build separate RHEL4 and RHEL5 versions of your application if you need to run this application on both RHEL4 and RHEL5.

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