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[doc] Another minor typo in Ice3.3b manual
After creating the object adapter, the program initializes a Freeze evictor by invoking createEvictor. The third argument to createEvictor is the name of the database file, which by default is created if it does not exist. The new evictor is then added to the object adapter as a servant locator for the default category.

I think that now this is called createBackgroundSaveEvictor, it's not?



  • bernard
    bernard Jupiter, FL
    Hi Oscar,

    It's more than a typo ... unfortunately we published the old 3.2.1 chapter with a few fixes, instead of the new 3.3 chapter that describes both the BackgroundSaveEvictor (used to be just Evictor in previous releases) and the new TransactionalEvictor. This will be fixed soon.