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Servant auto life cycle

Hi guys!

Here is a problem brief:

I have a server side operation:

interface IJobManager
IJob* Add( JobItem item ) throws JobException;

when this method is called by a client I need to create a new servant instance, activate it with an adapter and return a proxy to the client.

Then somehow I need to know that client has destroyed a proxy and no longer need a servant to be active. So I need to destroy my servant instance.
Ice documentation addresses this problem and suggests to use a special method destroy() inside IJobManager interface. Clients are calling destroy() when they no longer need the object.

Question: is there any easier way for clients to use some kind of self-destructing objects. Something like:

class IJobSmartProxy

IJobSmartProxy ( const IJobProxy& p ): m_Proxy ( p ) {}
~IJobSmartProxy () { m_Proxy->destroy(); }


IJobProxy m_Proxy;



Best regards, Leo