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Using multiple Icegrids from one php page

The manual says:
PHP scripts are not allowed to create or destroy communicators. Rather, a
communicator is created prior to each PHP request, and is destroyed after the request completes.

Does this mean that a .php web page can only use interfaces from a single IceGrid? I want to make a page that mixes information from services running on several separate Icegrids.

How can I do this in php if I'm only allowed one communicator?

I think the answer is "you can't", but I'm just making sure.


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    Hi Bruce,

    As of Ice 3.3b, a PHP script can use the proxy method ice_locator to configure a proxy with a specific locator. In this case, you wouldn't necessarily configure IcePHP to use a default locator, but rather set the locator for each proxy individually. Naturally, this means the PHP script must know (or be able to discover) the proxies for each of the locators it wants to use.

    Take care,