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Ice Testing Framework

Hi There,

I had a quick look at the test cases for Ice code itself.

Seems like, you have made very lightweight testing framework to test Ice code (unit tests, blackbox test, multi-threaded tests, etc.).

I am looking forward to use the same framework to test my overall application wrapped around Ice.

In few of the test cases, you simply use TestCommon.h file to use test(ex) macro, which sounds simple enough.

Later, in few tests, you use TestBase.h and TestSuite.h along with above TestCommon.h.

I have also seen some python file, which executes client.cpp file code (executable file). But, here I loose track about the overall testing framework.

Do you guys have some quick reference/guidelines for using this sweet small testing framework according to different scenarios?

Main requirements for my application is to do few unit-testing and mostly performance testing (black-box testing, possibly in multi-threaded environment) from different machines or may be from same machine, etc.

Please advice.

Many thanks.




  • matthew
    matthew NL, Canada
    I'm sorry but there is no reference for the test suite. I also would not recommend using the python scripts directly, nor the associated test libraries, as they are highly specific to Ice, and subject to change with every release.

    The basic idea, however, is quite simple.

    The python scripts setup the environment, and then spawn applications with a given set of parameters, and then check that they don't fail.

    The applications run some functionality testing, and then using the test macro verify that the functionality did what was expected. If it did not, the test is aborted, and the failure reported.