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Publisher Subscriber communication in remote machines problem!!!

I am using the IceStrom where I have publisher(one vc++ project) to publish a data under a topic and a subscriber(another vc++ project) to subscribe to that topic and get the data. This happens only in the current machine. But when I ran the subscriber in a remote machine which is connected to my machine through networking cable it was not working.

I started the Icebox server from my machine. I copied the config.service and (i already have in the respective publisher and subscriber because I created two separate VC++ projects for both) into the subscriber of the remote machine and started the a server in the remote machine. So I had 2 servers running in both machine but still I could not able to see the data in the subscriber console when I publish it from my machine.

I wanted to know whether we have to set any IP of the remote/my machine inside those config files?

Please help me on this.
Thanks in advance!!!


  • I suggest to run producer, consumer, and IceStorm with Ice.Trace.Network=1, so you can see where servers listen, and where clients attempt to connect to. Almost certainly, you have one or more endpoints incorrect in your config files.

    Basically, the endpoint to which a client connects must match the endpoint at which the server listens--you need to adjust the config files accordingly. You may also find this FAQ useful.