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ICE Grid - Java Services !!

aswaniaswani Member aswani patchavaOrganization: techvoyant infotech pvt ltdProject: separation of data access layer and business layer
While configuring an ICE application for IceGrid , we are using the following XML -

<application name="ICEUser">
<node name="Node3">
<server id="ICEUserI"
exe="java -jar /home/faiz/SVN_CO/shared/java/User.jar BI.ICEUserIServer "
<adapter name="ICEUserAdapter"

In our Java code at the server the name of the adapter is ICEUserAdapter and the object is ICEUserI. The failure at the client side occurs after the client does a stringtoproxy() and while casting it to the right proxy type.

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  • matthewmatthew NL, CanadaMember Matthew NewhookOrganization: ZeroC, Inc.Project: Internet Communications Engine ✭✭✭
    The command line is incorrect in your descriptor. You instead need something like:
          <server id="SimpleServer" exe="java" activation="on-demand">

    You also need to ensure the CLASSPATH is set correctly. You can do that either with the <env> element, the -cp command line option, or through the environment under which the icegridnode is run.

    Please see the Ice manual for more information.
  • Faiz.UsmaniFaiz.Usmani Member Faiz UsmaniOrganization: TechvoyantProject: N-Tiering
    Hi !!

    Thanks for the reply .
    I will sure keep everybody posted the moment I am over with this. Currently I am in a different area of work .
    Regards ...
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