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pre-compiled installer of IcePHP of 3.3.0 crash web server


I tried to install IcePHP 3.3.0 on Windows today, but it took me so much hours, to find out it's the bug of 3.3.0 installer.

First, I installed a fresh Windows XP SP2 in a vmware, then I install IIS and PHP 5.2.6, then I install Ice-3.3.0-VC60, and copy php_ice.dll into PHP extension directory.

Then I add 'extension=php_ice.dll' in php.ini, and restart IIS, and use phpinfo(), I can see ice section there. (Notice, I MUST use php windows installer to install php, otherwise, I cannot see ice section in phpinfo().

OK, then I add a line 'ice.slice=path/to/' to test the hello demo. But when I restart IIS, it crashed, I can see error log in Windows Event Log.

Well, then I uninstall PHP and IIS, and install apache 2.2.6, and also install PHP with PHP installer. Situation is the same, if I use only one line of 'extension=php_ice.dll', it works, but if I add the ice.slice line, it crashed apache when I try to restart it.

Uhmm, I'm almost crazy, because every stuff I found on the Internet tell me I've done in the right way. And then I remove Ice-3.3.0-VC60, and install Ice-3.2.1-VC60, it works!!!

So perhaps your gurus may have a test on this installer.



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    Hi Xiang,

    As far as Apache is concerned, there is a note in the top level README.txt file of the Ice-3.3.0-VC60 distribution that discusses Apache's small default stack size and provides instructions for increasing it. This is likely the reason for your Apache problems.

    I'm not sure if a similar problem exists for IIS as we haven't tested IcePHP with IIS.