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Patch for slice2java 3.2.1 - output comments in generated Java code


I have modified slice2java so as to output JavaDoc comments in the generated Java sources by copying comments from the associated .ice files.

This allows IDE's such as Eclipse to display comments in mouse roll overs and documentation directly in the Java editor.

I modified Main.cpp to preprocess with comments enabled.
Gen.cpp outputs the comments.

The enclosed zip file contains my modified sources, the original sources and the differences between then (created using diff).

The modified version of slice2java works for me on Debian Etch.

We are using version Ice 3.2.1 rather than the latest
release since we need Java2 support: many of our target platforms do not support Java 5.

Hope this helps,


  • This seems like a good idea. Something similar for python would also be useful for when working from the command line.
  • matthew
    matthew NL, Canada
    Thanks for the patch. We'll consider integrating this in a future release!