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IcePy 3.3.0 on openSUSE 11.0

pjtaitpjtait Member Philip TaitOrganization: Subaru TelescopeProject: Fibre-Fed Multi-ObjectSpectrograph;HyperSuprimeCam ✭✭
Just sharing a tip in case it helps someone else:

Installing the 'ice-python' RPM from the SLES10 set fails, due to a dependency on python 2.4 (openSUSE 11.0 comes with 2.5).

The Build Service has a python 2.4 RPM set that can be installed alongside the 2.5 package: http://software.opensuse.org/ymp/server:zope/openSUSE_11.0/python-2.4.ymp

It installed and worked fine for me.

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