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Should Ice.ConnectionMonitor setDaemon(true)?

After main method finished. Java process does not exit normaly.
Profiler found Ice.ConnectionMonitor thread is still running at wait status.

In Ice-3.3, Ice.Timer have the same behavior.

Will these thread be setDaemon(true)?


  • matthew
    matthew NL, Canada
    These should not be daemon threads. They are joined with when you destroy the communicator. If they are not terminating, therefore it stands to reason that you are not destroying the communicator :)
  • I am trying to making the communicator destroy itself.
    The communicator is a static member in my application. I have to destory it by calling ic.destroy() manually.
  • Well~I will try using a pool create and destory Ice.Communicator.

    Timed-out destory is my specific requirement. Ice-Java should not handle this, that's right.

    Thanks !