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error C2039: 'InitializationData': is not a member of 'Ice'

I want to write a IceStorm MFC publisher according demo\Ice\MFC\client,
On InitInstance, I write
// Create a communicator.
Ice::CommunicatorPtr communicator;
int argc = 0;
Ice::InitializationData initData; = Ice::createProperties();>load("");
communicator = Ice::initialize(argc, 0, initData);
catch(const IceUtil::Exception& ex)
ostringstream ostr;
ostr << ex;
string s = ostr.str();
AfxMessageBox(CString(s.c_str()), MB_OK|MB_ICONEXCLAMATION);
return FALSE;
but, compiler it, have error C2039: 'InitializationData': is not a member of 'Ice',

any one can help me? thanks!
I'm using VS2005.