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Can I deploy SessionManager to IceGrid node?

I deploy 2 SessionManager instances to 2 IceGrid nodes, and modify the Glacier2Router's config file to following:

I start up 2 instance of SessionManager that are deployed at 2 computers, then start up Glacier2Router, and everything is OK. But after running for some hours, the error occurs, and the Glacier2Router can't connect one instance of SessionManager. When then I shutdown one instance of SessionManager, and it is OK.

So what is the problem? Can I deploy multi SessionManager instances?


  • bernard
    bernard Jupiter, FL

    You can use Glacier2 with this setup.

    Could you describe the issue? In particular, which error occurs?

  • Thanks for your reply.
    I had forgot to copy the error message.

    Maybe there are some bugs in my system.