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is there a Ice Maven Integration?

Hello Forum Team,this is my first post.

Is there a best practice to integrate ice functionality into a maven Project?

I'm working on a universitary project which runs on the Jetty Webserver, Java and Apache Wicket as GUI Part. Now I'm wondering how to integrate ice.
I will use the ice part to comunicate with other programs of other students which together forms a Production System. My System is controlled over a Browser

Here in the forum i found this post but no reply. Searching via google didn't gave me a proper answer either.
Seems that using Ice with webservers isn't that common (please correct me if I'm wrong)

Until now I did some communication with ice but always between 2 Java Programs without a Webserver Part.
Hope you can gave me a hint


  • xdm
    xdm La Coruña, Spain
    Hi Martin,

    There is no official plugin for integrate Ice with Maven, you can use ant and slice2java ant task. I not Maven expert but seems that maven could run ant task Maven AntRun Plugin - Usage

    For integrating Ice with Wicket is not different that if your client is a java GUI, you should initialize Ice run time that basically is reduced to create the communicator, and you are ready to run.

    In Wicket you could initialize the Ice run time in your WebAppliction class so the run time is initialized once time and not when a page is loaded.

    You can have an Ice.Application inside your WebApplication, or you can initialize the Ice.Communicator your self, take a look to Ice/minimal demo to view an example of what a is needed for the minimal client.
  • slice2java maven mojo

    Hi All,

    I'm just getting started with ice and am trying to integrate with existing maven builds. It is indeed possible to call the slice2java ant task from within maven but it's a little cumbersome to have to include the build.xml config.xml as well as the pom.xml

    I've written a simple maven equivalent of the slice2java ant task. The full functionality of the ant task hasn't been implemented ( dependencies etc.) but it's complete enough to build ice itself, for example.

    I've also got a rough pom for compiling the ice java components. Unfortunately the current dependencies used aren't up to date in the central maven repository, so have had to upload 2 jgoodies jars + the berkeley db jar to my local repository manually :-(

    Happy to share it if there's any interest...