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Can not get subscriber package

sobersober Member sober dingOrganization: buptProject: net security mangement ✭✭

There is a strange problem in my current use of IceStorm . After I subscibe some topic , I write a servant to implement it . At the begining ,I can receive the packages and handle them ,but after some days, I can not get the packages, and I regist the topic again,it works again. I wonder on what reason it will cause this problem?

Is that because there is some memory error or thread error to cause the IceStorm won't give me package ?

I need your help ,if you need any other infomation,just let me know. Thank you.



  • benoitbenoit Rennes, FranceAdministrators, ZeroC Staff Benoit FoucherOrganization: ZeroC, Inc.Project: Ice ZeroC Staff

    It sounds like IceStorm unsubscribes automatically the subscriber. This is possibly caused by your subscriber being temporarily unavailable. See the "Quality of Service" section here in the Ice manual for more information. You can also enable subscriber tracing by setting the <service name>.Trace.Subscriber property to 1. The traces should show when and why the subscriber is automatically unsubscribed if this is the case.

  • sobersober Member sober dingOrganization: buptProject: net security mangement ✭✭

    Thank you,Benoit

    I traced the log and got the following information:
    [ 12/10/08 18:04:02.770 icebox: Subscriber: 018308C0 a9342e0a-13bf-4b75-ae57-d500dcf3e97b: subscriber errored out: ConnectionI.cpp:1313: Ice::ConnectTimeoutException:
    timeout while establishing a connection retry: 0/0 ]

    So I increased the number of sub's threads and it works well till now.

    I wonder how much size will the subscriber stack ? and how many threads can I use ? what's the max? I currently used 20 - 100.

    Hope you can reply,thank you.

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