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Ice for Android 0.1.0 and Slice2Java Eclipse plugin released

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ZeroC is pleased to introduce our newest ZeroC Labs project -- Ice for Android.

With its familiar development tools, low cost of entry and wide range of features, it's no wonder that Android is such a compelling platform for deploying networked applications. Ice for Android is the perfect solution for a developer in search of a better way to build mobile clients. Together with Ice Touch, our Ice implementation for iPhone, developers can now target two of the most advanced mobile platforms on the market today.

Ice for Android is a port of Ice for Java 3.3, which means you get all of the powerful features that you expect from a state-of-the-art Ice run time. Since Ice for Android has the same easy-to-use APIs as Ice for Java, you can leverage your existing code and experience to get productive right away.

You can read more about Ice for Android on the product page and download it right now.

Accompanying this release of Ice for Android is our new Eclipse plugin that Java developers will find invaluable for use in their Eclipse projects. The plugin offers the following features:
  • Handles all aspects of translating your Slice files
  • Incrementally recompiles Slice files after modifications
  • Maintains dependencies between Slice files
  • Highlights compilation errors in your source code
  • Manages the generated code to remove obsolete files automatically
As always, we look forward to your feedback, and we encourage you to post your comments and questions on our user forums. Please refer to our release notes for important information about the features and limitations of this release.

Best Regards,
The ZeroC Team
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