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Using slice2sl

JvDJvD Member Joost van DoornOrganization: MobaProject: Main Control Software
I installed Ice for Silverlight on a machine. This machine also has Visual Studio C# 2008 Express Edition and Visual Web Developer 2008 Express Edition installed.
On this machine I was not able to run slice2sl.exe. I got a message indicating the application was invalid and had to be reinstalled.

I was able to fix this problem by installing Visual Studio C++ 2008 Express Edition.

Can somebody provide me with some explanation and, possibly, a solution that does not require the installation of C++ 2008 Express Edition. I want to install some machines with Ice and C# 2008 Express Edition and Web Developer 2008 Express Edition in order to demo ICE and Silverlight. I do not want to install C++ 2008 Express Edition as well, since I do not need that for my demo.

Best regards, Joost van Doorn


  • dwaynedwayne St. John's, NewfoundlandMember Dwayne BooneOrganization: ZeroC, Inc.Project: Internet Communications Engine
    The Slice-to-Silverlight translator is a C++ application built with Visual C++ 2008 and thus has a dependency on the Visual C++ runtime. Thus slice2sl.exe requires the C++ runtime is installed on the machine you are using it on. Instead of installing Visual C++ you might be able to use the Microsoft Visual C++ 2008 SP1 Redistributable Package instead.

    In future releases we will statically the Visual C++ runtime so this will not be necessary.
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