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Using Ice.Config in Silverlight case

JvDJvD Member Joost van DoornOrganization: MobaProject: Main Control Software
In my WinForms client application I use the --Ice.Config at the commandline to specify the Ice parameters to use.
My Silverlight version of the client application can not use the commandline options (the file is outside the Silverlight sandbox).

How can I use a file with Ice parameters in the Silverlight case?

Joost van Doorn


  • michimichi Member Michi HenningOrganization: Triodia TechnologiesProject: I have a passing interest in Ice :-) ✭✭✭
    You can't use a file outside the sandbox. I believe the only option is to set the properties on the command line or to set them programmatically from inside your program.


  • xdmxdm La Coruña, SpainAdministrators, ZeroC Staff Jose Gutierrez de la ConchaOrganization: ZeroC, Inc.Project: Ice Developer ZeroC Staff
    Other option is use ScriptableMethods as we do with ChatDemo, the properties are defined in JavaScript code and passed to the application throw a ScripTable method.

    The advantage is that you don't need to recompile Silverlight applications for change properties as they are externalized to JavaScript code that you can change on the fly.
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