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Eclipse slice2java plugin -- initial impressions

I've been using Eclipse to build Java Ice modules for a while now, using the configuration that I summarised in this post. So I was curious about what the slice2java plugin could do for me.

Initially, there's one big thing that's missing: the plugin only lets you choose a folder inside the current project as the location of the slice files. In my configuration, all of the Slice files for the whole system are in a separate, central Subversion module, which means in practice that the slice files are in a difference Eclipse project than the Java source of the server itself.

Would it be possible to let the user specify *any* folder as the source of the slice files, whether it's under the current project or not? This would let me test the plugin further.

One other wishlist item -- it would be GREAT if the plugin also included a syntax-highlighting, tab-completing editor for slice files ... :)



  • matthew
    matthew NL, Canada
    Thanks for the comments. You can already do exactly what you want by linking (that is using the eclipse equivalent of symbolic links) to the slice folder inside the eclipse project.
  • slice2java warnings treated as errors by the eclipse plugin

    Here's something annoying: on Linux, slice2java prints a warning if it's given a file with Windows line endings:
    [exec] /home/mef/workspace/jast-ice/jast/common/ warning: Converted [CR+LF] to [LF]
    [exec] #ifndef __OBJECT_ICE

    The slice2java plugin interprets these warnings as errors, so I get a bunch of red Xs in my project any time one of my colleagues edits a slice file on Windows.
  • xdm
    xdm La Coruña, Spain
    Thanks for the report, we'll fix this annoying warnings in next release.