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Deprecated properties "Ice.ServerId" and "IceBox.ServerManager.RegisterProcess"

I'm running an icegridnode and registry where the configuration has been updated several times from Ice 3.1 to (current) 3.3.0. I recently noticed some messages at start-up. This is from me starting the IceStorm server followed by one of my other servers (TaskPlanner):
[ 01/28/09 11:21:45.451 /usr/bin/icegridnode: Activator: activating server `JAST.IceStorm' ]
01/28/09 11:21:45.459 warning: deprecated property: IceBox.ServiceManager.RegisterProcess
01/28/09 11:21:45.809 JAST.IceStorm: warning: object adapter `IceBox.ServiceManager' cannot register the process without a value for Ice.ServerId
[ 01/28/09 11:21:54.071 /usr/bin/icegridnode: Activator: activating server `TaskPlanner' ]
28/01/09 11:21:54:816 warning: main: deprecated property: Ice.ServerId

Is there some obsolete configuration hanging around? Should I be worried? This is on my local test machine, and I don't think that I've noticed similar messages on the computers where we actually run the system ...


  • benoit
    benoit Rennes, France

    Did you upgrade the IceGrid registry database with the script?

    I would expect these messages if the descriptors of your servers still specify the register-process="true" attribute for their object adapters. Removing this attribute or setting it to "false" should fix the problem.