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Patch to autodetect python include und lib directories on Linux and Mac OS X

lars@ibp.de[email protected] Member Lars ImmischOrganization: ilink GmbHProject: CTI

attached is a patch to py/config/Make.rules. It should be applied in the Ice root directory, for example:
/opt/Ice-3.3.0$ patch -p0 < pythondetect.txt

The patch uses distutils to determine the location of the Python include and lib directories.

The patch works on Linux and should work on Mac OS X. It expects a python (or a $PYTHON_VERSION) executable in the path.


  • joshmoorejoshmoore GermanyMember Josh MooreOrganization: Glencoe Software, Inc.Project: OME, http://openmicroscopy.org
    Haven't tried this out, but it sounds like an interesting solution. Thanks.
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