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Ice vs IceStorm vs IceGrid

Max NettlauMax Nettlau Member Max NettlauOrganization: IndymediaProject: Malandro

i am developing a Web based CMS and would like to use ICE to split parts of the application over a couple of Servers.

The basic structure can be seen here: http://cyberpunk.cl/malandro/struct.jpg

What would be the best choice for the different Modules i have?

Variation A:
- Publisher Calls the plain ICE DB Interface and gets the Object UID
- Publisher creates a Event that gets distributed via IceStorm twoWay.
- Both "Index" and "Producer" as Subscriber execute the Event. No need for any return values, we only have to make sure the task gets executed.

Drawback: I have to create two ice interfaces / connections on the publisher.

Variation B: Use IceGrid for everything
Drawback: Overhead?

Variation C: Only use plain ICE

Also, how are the experiences with using ICEGrid for "database replication"? ie, assure data consistency over multiple backends, including synchronization/bootstraps of broken/new nodes.

Thanks allot!

P.S.: a more complete but complex/confusing graph is here: http://cyberpunk.cl/malandro/m1.jpg
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