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3.3.1 test suite failures on Mac OS X 10.5


Building Ice 3.3.1 on Mac OS X I'm now getting test suite failures that I didn't see with 3.3.0. This is 10.5.6 using MacPorts with the cpp and java test suites. The Python test suite passes successfully.


BTW, thanks for putting Google Protocol Buffers support in the main distribution.


  • Do you see these failures consistently, or just occasionally?

    We had some problems with the test suite due to bogus timeouts. Basically, it can happen that a timeout triggers too soon, creating a false positive. (We are changing this for the next release.)

    If the failures only appear occasionally, they indicate a problem with the test suite, rather than Ice itself.


  • I haven't seen a successful cpp or java test suite pass yet, but I've only run them a couple of times.

    The cpp test suite failed on different tests, for example, the first one on 57/63 and the second run on 42/63. So it appears to be a test suite issue.
  • matthew
    matthew NL, Canada
    I suspect some sort of conflict with the test suite driver since that underwent significant changes between Ice 3.3.0 and 3.3.1. Several of us use Mac OS as our main development platform, and we don't see these failures, so it is likely some sort of difference in environment between our machines and yours. What do you use macports for?
  • I use MacPorts to install a large amount of open-source tools for development, such as Subversion, Git, a large number of Java libraries, Google Protocol Buffers, newer versions of Python, Ruby, etc that comes with a Mac. I use MacPorts to compile and install Ice and then provide the Ice Python bindings for the Python 2.4, 2.5 that MacPorts includes. It's basically an open-source distribution inside of Mac OS X. I think your Mac developers would find it very useful instead of compiling software yourself.